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Meet the Team

The HIV Drug Interactions website has been in operation since 1999. The website team is based at the University of Liverpool and has responsibility to constantly monitor and update the site’s content.

2016 back

David Back (Liverpool)

Scientific Lead

Along with Saye, David provides the team’s strategic leadership. He gives a scientific lead to the development of website content, represents the website team at international conferences and events and helps shape the future development and direction of the resources we produce.

2016 khoo

Saye Khoo (Liverpool)

Clinical Lead

Along with David, Saye provides the team’s strategic leadership. He gives a clinical lead to the development of website content and represents the website team at national and international meetings. He is particularly interested in harnessing the technology of the websites to continuously improve patient care.

2016 marzolini new

Catia Marzolini (Basel)

Principal Pharmacist and Lead for Content Development

Catia is the responsible lead for predicting drug-drug interactions where no clinical data is yet available using a mechanistic approach. She creates drug-drug interactions guidance documents for various therapeutic classes. In addition, she contributes to the content development of the website and represents the website team at international conferences and meetings.

2016 gibbons

Sara Gibbons (Liverpool)

Content Manager

Sara is responsible for the general administration of the website and manages and updates its content, ensuring quality and consistency are maintained.

2017 mcallister

Katie McAllister (Liverpool)

Business Development Manager

Katie is responsible for fundraising for the team and for developing partnerships and projects which support our mission and ethos. Please contact her at if you are interested in supporting us or working with us.

2017 chiong

Justin Chiong (Liverpool)


Justin is responsible for finance and analysing the websites’ performance. He also provides general administrative support to all aspects of the team’s activity.

2016 marra

Fiona Marra (Glasgow)

Specialist Pharmacist

Fiona supports the interaction team when assessing those drug-drug interactions where clinical data is as yet unavailable.

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